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Generation of Gamers Org. (GOG) reach out to inquire about the creation of their website and for the launch of INVASION CUP (Mobile Legends Tournament) on August 2020.

Generation of Gamers is a new non-profit organization targeted for e-sports gamers.

The immediate goal of the organization is to launch their website and promote their upcoming tournament as quickly as possible with a target of 16 teams. ML Invasion Cup Season 1 episode 1 will start on August 2020 and Season 1 will end on February 2021.

This Tournament is open for all amateur Mobile Legends Bang Bang teams. This tournament is organized by Generation of Gamers E-sports Organization in partnership with Battlefy. Northern Conference is consists of Luzon MLBB Teams and the Southern Conference is consists of Visayas and Mindanao MLBB teams.

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