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CPAC Equipment, Inc. (CPAC) located in Western New York, is an FDA registered USA manufacturer of sterilizers, evacuators, silver recovery and other associated equipment and supplies acquired by Integrated Medical Technologies, Inc in September 2013. 

CPAC manufactures an extensive line of Tabletop High-Velocity Hot Air (“HVHA”) and Static Heat sterilizers, and Mobile and Central Evacuation units, to a diverse group of customers in the medical, dental, ophthalmology, pharmaceutical, health/beauty, and other industries.

CPAC ‘s well-known recognized products include Cox RapidHeat™, SteriSure®, and SteriDent™ sterilizers. As a company focused on fostering the scientific revolutionary changes and market acceptance of HVHA sterilization, CPAC continues the pursuit of new product development initiatives to expand CPAC’s sterilizer product lines that promote safer health care environments while reducing operating and patient treatment costs.

In addition, CEI also manufactures silver recovery equipment, cartridges, and consumables to the Imaging and Non-Destructive Testing industries and other markets that utilize silver halide technology. CPAC has been a recognized name in the Imaging industry for nearly 45 years.

CPAC is the world’s only manufacturer and developer of high-velocity hot air sterilizers.

Upon checking the CPAC website and the closest competitors, I’ve noticed that both website’s main purpose is to provide full information about the products. We need to revamp the website and make it easy for website visitors to inquire about our website.

The ultimate goal here is to position the company as the go-to brand for the practitioners in the market.
With that in mind, our main focus is to make the website the salesperson and guide the customer to move the sale forward.

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