What is a Brand Strategy and Why Do You Need It?

Brand strategy is a way to help a business understand, prioritize and focus on a clear vision and a plan to help them achieve their goals. 

1. Brand Attributes

The essence of who you are and answers the question: who are you?

This is the foundation of the strategy. It allows you to get people to express their ideas and thoughts about a brand without complexity and friction. It includes everyone and lifts the energy in the session. The goal is to come up with a brand statement without friction.

Brand Statement

2. User Profiles

Your customer’s needs and answers the question: who is important?

It answers the questions of who will use the product or services you offer.

You will be surprised at how often businesses don’t know who their customers are. This exercise often is an eye-opener for clients. It’s simply understanding your
customer’s needs. Nothing more, nothing less. But did you know that this is a basic exercise in User Experience? Did you know that all marketing campaigns are based on Customer Profiles?

The key is the top 3 needs. Those will drive your value proposition.

The value proposition is simply the need expressed as a statement vs. a request.

Eg. If the need is “Connect with nature.” The value proposition is “To Connect You With Nature.”

3. Business Goals

Your business goals and answers the question: what is important?

This is one of the most difficult exercises for designers.


Because you don’t understand business.

But let me make it simple. The goal is to generate ideas on how the business makes money, gets awareness, and makes their business more efficient.

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