What are User Profiles in Strategy?

You will be surprised at how often client teams don’t know who their customers are. We’ve been told that this exercise often is an eye-opener for clients. It’s simply understanding your customer’s needs. Nothing more, nothing less. But did you know that this is a basic exercise in User Experience?

Did you know that all marketing campaigns are based on Customer Profiles?

The key is the top 3 needs. Those will drive your one-liner value proposition. The value proposition is simply the need expressed as a statement vs. a request.

Customer Categories

Your Current Customers

Where most of the revenue is coming from currently.
Example: Older Tea Drinkers

Your Ideal Customer

Who you want more business from.
Example: The Suburban Yoga Mom

Your Employees

The current team serving customers.
Example: The College Part-time Worker


The local critic who'll recommend your business.
Example: The Famous Chef Blogger

Customer Profiles

The 4 segments in the customer profile create a narrative that help establish why your solutions will be relevant to your customer. Starting with the basics of who they are, their story and what they need.


Full Name and Title


A basic overview of who your customer is. These are facts, who, where, when.


The traits, events, behavior and challenges that define how this customer relates to your business or idea. Ending with the challenge that drives the needs.


What does this customer need to resolve these challenges as told in the story? What do they need from you? Not the solution but the actual need.


How can you meet these needs and exceed them? Think of this as the ideal solution to meet the need. Just as an idea. It does not need to be fully qualified.


Does this give you more clarity on your brand? You can implement it now but if you like to take it to the next level, let’s get an agreement going and we can get to work later.

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