What are some user frustrations on your website?

What kind of frustrations do people usually have when visiting a website?

1. Tiny scrollable panes

They show up usually when you have filters like in e-commerce. You might want to select a couple of brands, a couple of sizes that you want to act as filters but those panes could be very very tiny so you have to scroll all the way. It is very frustrating and really barely usable

2. Tiny click targets

3. Unexpected content shifts

4. Unexpected page reloads

5. Country selector dropdown

6.Generic error messages

7. Input fully cleared on error

8. Disabled "Next" buttons.

9. Unsupported "Back" button

10. Disabled copy-paste

11. No text input fallback in sliders

12. Draconian pass requirements.

13. Retyping complex input

14. Birthday picker starting 2021

15. Scrolljacking and parallax

16. Identifying buses/crosswalks

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