How long does it take to make a website?

The short answer to this question is longer than you would expect, but don’t rush it. There are three main factors in a website project’s timeline: the complexity of your website, your revisions, and how urgent you want it to publish.

1. Website Complexity

First, the scale of the project matters. A site with 100 separate pages is going to take much longer to build and develop than the common 4 pages website.

Some sites also require complex features that require weeks of planning and execution. Others rely on basic features that can be understood and replicated quickly.

2. Website Needs To Be Rush

Most designers and developers have a clear process for building a website, and can describe roughly how long it will take to get a website in your hands.

So if you’d ask how long does it take to make your website, remind them that it will be published the same day you will launch your business online so they will prioritize this first rather than the others.

3. Clients Revisions

You as a client are also responsible for the time it would take to make your website. If your web designer asks questions about your business, don’t respond with vague answers. This will result in more revisions, and more revisions mean a longer time to create the project and entail additionals cost for the web designer’s end.

Finally, if want to know our process and time it would take us to make your website, you might want to read Our Website Design Process to learn more. Follow us on LinkedIn to get more insight into your business website.

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